NOVOreality is a ground-breaking platform introduced by Novo in 2016 that merges high-end virtual reality with precise, wide-range motion simulation, delivering the real sensations of motion while immersed in amazing stories!


The NOVOreality platform utilizes cutting edge technology, customized professional-grade virtual reality hardware, and crafty animated worlds to tell stories that enchant and amaze. The technology is married together with the NOVOmotus, Novo’s custom built computer that orchestrates the technology powerhouse. The platform takes viewers on a ride through captivating worlds, following animated characters on sophisticated plots crafted for adults.

At NOVOspace, we host social events focused around entertainment technology. Our guests can enjoy live music, installation art, adult beverages and the latest in virtual reality technology.

With a 5000 square foot entertainment facility located in Brooklyn, New York, Novo is a prime opportunity for New Yorkers to get out and enjoy live concerts and technology with friends.

Be sure to check in with the NOVO calendar for upcoming events.