Novo provides high-end content through hand-selected partnerships with premier VR content creators as well as through our own NOVOstudio. Currently we are mid-production with Cloud Nine, an animated film about working class A.I. robots in the future who carry colorful personalities.



Cloud Nine is a film about an A.I. robot construction crew set in the future. We follow Rob,  a mischievous member of the crew, through his daily life upon a towering skyscraper construction site. The film leverages the NOVOreality platform to deliver the excitement of flying around a thousand feet in the air with a group of careless, smart-mouthed robots. The platform enables us to direct attention and follow the action of the film. The synchronization of camera development, character performance and motion simulation sets the tone for the film but also blazes a trail for our content partners as we uncover new strategies and techniques.


The versatility of the NOVOreality platform goes far beyond the world of animated films. NOVOstudio is developing a wide range of applications to be used by many industries from entertainment to education.

NOVO films have a much higher quality of engagement than traditional films. They also have a much more expansive level of immersion than current VR experiences due to our high-end VR equipment and the authentic feelings of movement that our platform imparts.

NOVO invites partnerships and collaboration with artists and studios. We are focused on delivering short character-driven narratives, five to ten minutes in duration. This allows our customer to come to NOVOspace and enjoy a variety of films with their friends. It also allows our platform to be available to a much wider range of content makers as short narrative removes the excessively large overhead required with long format films.

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